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Get Ready to Take a Dip!

Put away the hose and stop worrying about how you are going to fill your pool this summer. Call Schaller Pool Water in Clinton, NY and we’ll fill your pool for you! We have been hauling water to residential properties for more than 30 years.

We can fill your in-ground or above-ground pool or hot tub, with crystal clear, chlorinated water. We fill both in-ground and above ground pools and hot tubs.

Our experienced professionals are reliable and efficient, answering any question you may have while ensuring your pool is filled properly.

At Schaller Pool Water, you’ll get a full pool at prices you can afford. Are you ready to go swimming? Give us a call and we’ll bring the water to you.

Emergency Services

Natural disasters can cause horrendous damage. Our business will help you clean up your pool after these situations. We offer pool pumping and cleaning services and we also will refill your pool after cleanup is complete.

No matter what you need filled – a small Jacuzzi or a large in-ground pool – we make sure you are filled up fast with quality water at reasonable prices. Don’t pay the high water costs that come with filling your pool yourself. Let the professionals do it. You’ll be swimming laps in no time.

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